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Tennis 4 All Aces Performance Tennis

Showing Potential-What we offer

What is the ‘Tennis 4 All Aces' programme

The Aces programme is performance coaching for players who are identified as showing potential to be high club, county players or higher.

Players are put into specific groups within the club which are by invite only and are run by our Performance Coaches James Harding and Zeferino Antonio. Within these group, which push players and attempt to provide them with the necessary skills to achieve their full potential with tennis. All groups includes athletic skills development/fitness which is extremely important for the children’s development. Week 1 of each new term is ‘Goal setting’ which we then evaluate on the first week of the next term and then set new goals.

In addition to the group Coaching, it is ideal for players to also have an individual lesson with one of our coaches. These can be booked by contacting James who can help select the right coach for your child.

To develop the children’s tennis they will also need to be playing regular matches and tournament play

What players are selected to be part of this programme

We selected players who we identify as possessing the skills required or potential to become a good club level player, county player or higher.

Things we are looking for:

  1. Athletic skills

  2. Good hand-eye coordination

  3. Good focus and concentration

  4. Resilience

  5. A good attitude

  6. A will to win

  7. Emotional control

  8. A great attitude to learning

  9. Love the sport

We will be looking for these attributes in players and although these will be developing all the time we are looking for children who we believe have some of these fundamentals which are crucial to tennis development.

If we feel this programme is right for your child we will contact you.

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