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Terms and Conditions

Caunton Tennis Academy T/A Tennis 4 All is a company registered in the UK with company number 10391112
The company registered office is 4 Cross Street Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2NX


1.    Using our website

•    Our website uses cookies as setout in our cookie policy- you can opt-in by checking the box on the banner that appears on the website. 
•    The website information is correct at the time of publishing and this information may be changed from time to time and updated. 
•    We do not deem that everything written on our website is factually true and some of the coaching information is based on our experience. 
•    By completing a contact us form on our website, you agree to us contacting you and storing the contact information provided by you. We may contact you with future information regarding Tennis activities (please see our privacy policy)
•    You must not use any of our photos or videos stored on our website or use the text as this is owned by us.
•    You must not download any part of our website, without our consent.

2.    Payments

•    Payment can be made through our, website for equipment, clothing and bookings, or by Bacs. For Bookings we use a booking software provider called ThinkSmart.  
•    All payment shown are inclusive of VAT
•    Prices may have increased since time of publishing on the website
•    All payments must be made prior to receiving the goods or starting the activity. 

3.    Buying from our shop

•    When using our shop on our website, your payment is processed through
•     All goods must be collected direct from the Tennis Club or arranged to be collected from the coach. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver. 
•    When ordering a personalized item such as initials in a hoody, please note these are not refundable unless it is deemed there is a fault with the item. 
•    The Prices shown on the website Include VAT and our prices may change from time to time. 

4.    Making Bookings through our website

•    Booking for courses, group sessions, school sessions and Holiday Camps are run through our booking software provider – ThinkSmart. 
•    By making a booking on the booking pages under ‘Class Registrations’ and adding your information or that of a child you are allowing us to access this information for purpose of any activity that you may sign up to or to contact you regarding any future activity that we feel you maybe interested in via email, text or WhatsApp notification.
•    Card details and all Payments are processed by either Stripe or GoCardless as an online payment service provider.  

5.    Group Coaching Trial period

•    You are always offered on free taster session on any group. 
•    If you start part way through a month then you will have access to the group for the remainder of the month before being charged the following month.
•    You may access one group session per week as part of the trial. 
•    To sign up to the trial we will send you a link to complete to fill in your information so we can get you booked into a session and added to the register.  
•    We will add you or your child to the relevant session on our system as they appear on the Coaches register.
•    Following the trial, we will contact you to see if you would like to continue but there is not obligation to do so. 

6.    Group Coaching

•    Coaching is paid on a monthly direct debit, and this is processed through our payment provider GoCardless through our Booking Software Thinksmart. 
•    Once setup the direct debit will continually run until you notify us.  You must commit to a minimum of 1 term and if you would like to cancel then we require 1 months’ notice.  If you wish to cancel, then please let us know towards the end of a term.   Please notify james via
•    If you would like to increase or decrease the amount of coaching your family attend per week, then please let us know and we can amend the Direct Debit for all future payments.
•    We are basing your monthly payments on the number of weeks of term time coaching per year to allow for the school holidays. Payments are split into 12 monthly payments so you will still pay in the holidays but are only paying for the weeks when coaching is held per year. This is so everyone knows how much they are paying per month and we don’t need to increase or decrease the amount or stop it for certain months. 
•    The direct debit will be debited from your account on or around the 15th of each month unless you request another date. 
•    If your monthly payment fails then we will contact you to make payment. If no payment is made then we reserve the right to cancel your group coaching sessions until payment is made. 

7.    Group Coaching cancellations

•    If you are unable to attend your weekly group due to weather or any other reason, then you are welcome to attend another session at any point during the term. Just contact James for the groups that would be appropriate.
•    If you have a longer-term injury or illness then we may pause your monthly payment until you are ready to start playing again. 
•    We factor into our group coaching programme cost that one session maybe cancelled each term due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. If we have to cancel more than 1 group session per term, we will add a makeup session into a half term or school holiday. Our Coaching runs term time only. We are unable to process refunds for sessions missed. 
•    If a session is cancelled, we will contact you as soon as it is possible to do so. Occasionally due to weather a session can be cancelled part way through. Please see our wet weather policy. We always aim to give as much notice as possible but due to the changing weather this isn’t always possible.  We will make contact through the session WhatsApp group so please make sure you are added to the relevant group. 
•    Group coaching is set at a reduced rate for club members. If your membership status changes then your fess maybe adjusted to reflect this, please let us know if your membership status at the club changes. 
•    To cancel your coaching, please provide 30 days’ notice by email to

8.    Holiday Club/Camps

•    All Camps are booked through our website, via our software provider- ThinkSmart. 
•    Please select the days or weeks required. Once booked you will receive an automated email of your booking. 
•    We will contact you the week before camp with full details of the camp including the Coaches contact details should you which to contact them in an emergency or if you are running late to drop of or collection. 
•    If a camp was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, then you will be able to move the booking to another day or week or receive a refund. 
•    The Full day camp starts at 9am each day and drop off is between 8.45-9am. Collection is at 3.30pm.
•    The half day camps are either 9am-12pm or at 12.30 and finishes at 3.30pm.
•    Check in takes place in the main clubhouse and the coaches will check each child in so please report to the clubhouse upon arrival. Please ensure that your child has been checked in by a coach before leaving them. 
•    Collection is at 3.30pm and your child should be collected from the main clubhouse again. Please ensure your child has been checked out by the coach before you leave with them. 
•    Can you please ensure that your emergency contact numbers are up to before the camp. If you’re going to be unavailable, would you please give the coaches a contact number in case we do have to contact you during the camp. 
•    If your child is unable to attend the camp, then please do let us know as soon as possible
•    If you will be late to drop off or collection, then please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary arrangements. 
•    Things to remember and to bring with you.

Trainers and sports wear
Spare clothes in case of getting wet in bad weather.
Suitable clothing for the weather forecast
Refillable water bottle
Packed lunch if attending the full day.
Tennis racket if your child has one- if not then we have lots for children to use. 
Sun cream to be applied before camp and put in their bag. 
Wet weather jacket for rain

•    Our Holiday camps are Nut Free so please ensure your children does not bring another nuts or products containing nuts to tennis camp. 
•    We do play in wet conditions unless the rain is very persistent and heavy. In which case we will use the Clubhouse facility where we have indoor activities to occupy the children on wet weather days. 
•    We do have a behaviour policy so please do read this before camp and sign upon registering. 19945d_7fa4149dea674bfc8419d8d4239242bc.pdf (
•    Our address is; Caunton Tennis Club, Maplebeck Road, Caunton, Newark, NG23 6AS

9.    Schools Coaching

•    All after school clubs can be booked on our Website under the Schools section. 
•    Most schools oversee the after-school club. However, if the club is run by our coaches and we just use the school premises then we require you to provide all information to us including medical information, and emergency contact numbers. 

10.    Changing your details

•    If your contact details change or you need to update your records, then please let us know by email.

11.    Complaints or Disputes

•    In the first instance then please speak to your coach with any issues arising from any session. We hope the issue can be resolved in this way but if not then please contact us via email where we will look to resolve the issue for you. 

12.    Further information 

All other policies below can be found on our website.
•    Wet weather policy
•    Privacy Policy
•    Behaviour Policy
•    Safeguarding Policy
•    Photo/video Policy

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